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Chairman's Halloween Message


Once again, I would like to repeat my message from last year....

At this time of Year Halloween bonfires are in the News with the same Old Stories getting told every Year. While some stories reach the National Headlines, many however do not. One thing Bonfire Incidents will all have in common is Fire Service Personnel and the dangers they face while serving the Public.

The NRFA would like to hear a different kind of Bonfire story this year. This can happen if everyone would stop to think of a scene where happiness and safety exists for all. If thought out carefully Halloween fun will not turn into misery. Alarmingly this is becoming an accepted normality each Year.

In recent Years Members of the Fire Service have been attacked with stones, bottles and the like by people who for one reason or other do not realise that Fire Crews are responding to life and property risks and that they are not out to spoil anybody’s fun. If Bonfires are run and managed correctly, posing no risk to life or property, the Fire Service will not intervene.

We would say to anybody who wishes to light Bonfires this Halloween, to do so in a safe, responsible manner having due consideration for others. Please be cautious not to pose any risk to life or property so that everyone can enjoy Halloween safely and still have fun.

To all Members of the Fire Service we say be vigilant when called out over the Halloween period, lookout for your safety as well as that of the Public who you protect.

Together we can all have fun safely this Halloween if we plan our actions with others in mind.

Sean Martin, NRFA Chairman

Chairman Calls for National Fire and Ambulance Service

Whether you are a Firefighter, Chief Fire Officer, Union Official, Politician or a Civil Servant you cannot be blind to the ever-increasing number of deaths that are related to the inadequacies in operating procedures of the Fire and Ambulance Services, which have been in the News Headlines so many times in recent Years. I have in the past called for a National Fire and Ambulance Service and as time has progressed and nothing has been done to progress this the Public have been left to ponder why no one is prioritising the need for an adequate Emergency service with the focus on a speedy response to the large ever increasing number of Emergency type Incidents which will only multiply as the economy recovers and I am once again calling on all with influence to work to provide a Service that will reduce the number of deaths that are attributed to Emergency Causes, I call for the immediate introduction of a policy that will see Ambulances operating from Fire Stations and all Fire Personnel trained (currently most Fire Personnel are trained medical first responders but are not utilised to assist the public) to adequately respond to all Fire and Medical Emergencies as this will be the only cost effective way to fix the current problems associated with Emergency Incident Response.

Sean Martin, Chairman NRFA -

Emergency Service Driving Standard (ESDS)

You may have heard by now some mention of the Emergency Service Driving Standard (ESDS). There are many different ways that this is now being put forward to existing D/M’s and Firefighters within the Fire Service by Fire Service Management Nationwide. Take note that this course is Voluntary and Retained Firefighters should be very wary of consenting to go forward for this test until all the facts have been properly established by the NRFA. Drivers in Co.Kildare have already been told that they will be stood down from Driving if they fail the test, in fact feedback from various different Counties now confirms that there are different levels of training and prepartion in advance of Retained Personnel taking the test. In some Counties only new entrants into the Brigade are being asked to ‘Volunteer’ for this test. Already both the Gardai and the HSE have taken a step back from ESDS until many outstanding issues can be ironed out. At present there are discussions within Dublin Fire Brigade to introduce a pilot scheme simply to assertain what level of training is necessary for participants prior to taking the test along with the certainity that no existing drivers will stood down from driving should they fall short of the required standards down the line. Some Brigade instructors have expressed genuine concerns over the unsatisfactory level of preparation being suggested for Retained Firefighters in some Counties. It is interesting to note that while the RSA website lists the formal State Bodies involved with ESDS programme, the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is also included in this despite being a private representative body for CFOs . Existing D/M’s should revert to their respective contracts of employment and be aware that to fail to attend such a test, contractually does not affect your legal status to continue to drive to calls and maintain your full rank/status. I can only advise Retained Personnel for the moment not to ‘volunteer’ for this test as by doing so you will be setting a precedence of acceptance before negotiations, safeguards and agreements are put in place to protect existing drivers in the Retained Fire Service in light of the above mentioned. I do not agree with the proposed approach of D\M’s being stood down altogether. All Members should make immediate representations to their respective Unions so as to ensure their jobs/positions are unconditionally safeguarded. Many Firefighters may by now have realized the lessons learned from an agreement to introduce a Pass or Referral system on Fire Service B.A. courses. Are we yet again going to jeopardize our own livelihoods so that others can protect their positions by ticking a box? Surely, collectively we are more than this? In any case, all Fire Service Personnel should make themselves aware of the facts, guidelines and concequences surrounding this course. Please click the link to the Road Safety Authority website (RSA) to find out some of the basics. Some of these may still be subject to change.


Sean Martin, Chairman NRFA -

Firefighters.... Have You Received Your Award?

Firefighters may not be fully aware with regard to the recognition awards for their years of service as outlined below, which has been sanctioned by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government. Delivery of these awards varies on a County-to-County basis. We would recommend that Firefighters enquire to their respective CFO’s if either you or your colleagues have may have been overlooked in this regard. It seems very few Counties have yet delivered the Award sanctioned for 10 Years service. More details can be got from the DoELG website or inside our members section.

Long Service Awards to Fire Service Personnel

The awards were instituted by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government to give recognition to personnel for periods of service over 10, 20 and 30 years, respectively, with the fire service. The scheme is administered on the Minister's behalf by the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management.

Award for 10 Years' Service

The award in recognition of 10 years' service takes the form of a certificate which is presented locally within the fire authority.

Awards for 20 and 30 Years' Service

The award in recognition of 20 years' service takes the form of a medal bearing the traditional logo representation of the fire service - a helmet and crossed axes; the medal ribbon bears the Irish national colours, with a central column in red to represent the fire service.

The 30 years' award is a representation of a flame in emblematic form.

Both awards are accompanied by an appropriate certificate. Awards to personnel are made, on the nomination of the fire authority, at a national ceremony held every second year.

Further information in Members Section

What is the NRFA?

Treat NRFA membership like an insurance policy for your job, become a member if you want an organisation to look after your interests and keep you informed pay €20 a year, but do not contact the NRFA if you get in trouble when you have not paid your membership fee, you cannot get benefits from an insurance company if you have not paid your premium the NRFA is the same, the NRFA is not part of SIPTU or IFESA but we talk to both on your behalf and if the need arises we will talk sternly and in the future if either do no look after your interests we will publicise the matter.

I urge all Firefighters who are not Members of the N.R.F.A. to join without delay together we can make the difference that will get us the respect and rewards we deserve. Download an application form today and return it without delay.

Sean Martin, Chairman NRFA -

NRFA Officers for 2016


President ~ John Gavigan, Co Donegal

 Chairman ~ Sean Martin, Co Roscommon

Vice Chair ~ Tom O'Grady, Co Galway

   Secretary ~ Richard Kelly, Co Kildare

  Treasurer  ~ Philip Bishop, Co Roscommon

  Development Officer  ~  TBA



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15th February 2016


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Have you recently failed your medical on fitness grounds?

If yes, then you should contact your local NRFA or Union Rep, as you cannot be put off call for failing your fitness test. This is happening around the country and the NRFA Committee need to know if it has happened to you or one of your colleagues.

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